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Connecting current and former sport management students. 

Our class project was the SPMT Social Media Launch Party. I volunteered to be the marketing group leader for the project. The experience was very humbling, but I am very glad that I took on a leadership role. I quickly learned that I am not a creative person by nature and coming up with marketing content was not my strength. Luckily, I was surrounded by team members who were more experienced in social media, developing creative content, and sending it out to the masses. What I was good at was leading a team and coming up with a game plan for our group. Through this project I learned that I was more cut out for an operations or logistics pathway. As for the event itself, I feel like it went fairly well given a class full of college undergraduates (mostly underclassman at that) were in charge of everything. I wish we could have done a better job recruiting alumni to attend the launch party, but that was part of the learning experience. The project helped guide my path during and after my time at Texas A&M. I abandoned the marketing dream and focused more on the logistics of sports. I worked in the operations department for Texas A&M Football upon graduation. The experience I obtained from the project prepared me for that position.

Ryan Campbell

Texas A&M Student

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