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Exploring the Buyer-Seller Mismatch in the Amateur Sport Adoption Process. 

International Journal of Sport Managemen

Milstein, S., & Dixon, M.A., October, 2019. Exploring the Buyer-Seller Mismatch in the Amateur Sport Adoption Process.  International Journal of Sport Management.

ABSTRACT - For amateur sport organizations, having their sport adopted as a sanctioned sport by established sport organizations provides recognition, acceptance, and extensive pathways for growing the sport. Yet, a number of sport associations have had little or no success in persuading sanctioning organizations to adopt their sport. Thus, there is a need to understand institutional demands for adding sports. Using American collegiate sports for context, this study sought to identify factors that NCAA Division I decision-makers considered essential in determining what sport to add to their varsity offerings. Accordingly, the authors conducted expert-based, in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 15 Division I athletic administrators (representing 23 sport teams). Four main product features were identified: (1) sport popularity, (2) access and opportunity, (3) association membership, and (4) university viability. Theoretical and practical implications for amateur sport organizations seeking to grow their sport through NCAA adoption are provided.

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