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Some people participate in sports, but others live them!  That is a phrase that accurately describes Dr. Sloane Milstein’s professional career.  Like many riders Sloane’s equestrian career started with a pony ride, followed by day camp and weekly riding lessons. However, by 12 years old Sloane began teaching weekly riding lessons, as well as performing barn management duties, which continued through college while pursuing an accounting degree from the University of New Mexico. Despite her passion for riding and training horses, if you had asked Sloane early on what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, all you would have heard was “No horses, no horses, no horses.” Running a barn was not the life she envisioned. Now, 20 years later, Sloane realized life is unpredictable and there is a need for an all or nothing mentality... “all horses” or “no horses” could really mean some horses!


With multiple degrees, certifications and experience, she continues to have a successful equestrian career as well as a teaching career in higher education. Sloane is experienced in hunter/jumper, three-day eventing, side-saddle and proficient in western horsemanship. She is also an accomplished athlete competing as a 2000 and 2004 Olympic Hopeful in Pistol Shooting and Modern Pentathlon, the latter including running, swimming, shooting, fencing and horseback riding. In 2013, Sloane served as the Chairperson and Chef de Equipe for the first ever USA Equestrian Maccabiah team invited to Israel. 


Currently a USEF and IEA Steward Sloane also is an advisor to Post University’s Academic Equine Program. Recently, she moved out west to continue her scholarly teaching as an Assistant Clinical Sport Management Professor at Texas A&M University.  As a former NCAA and IHSA coach, current IEA and USEF Steward and author of the High School Equestrian’s Guide to College Riding, Sloane brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this event. 


The High School Equestrian's Guide to College Riding 101

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