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Hopefuls USA

HOPEFULS USA, created by Sloane Milstein, is a result of combining a love for sports and a desire to operate a sports related business.  As a child, Sloane participated in all kinds of sports including softball, volleyball, equestrian show jumping, cross –country and track and field events.  Throughout her 20’s she was a professional equestrian, pentathlete and currently a pistol shooter.  In 2001, Sloane earned a Masters Degree in Sports Management from Temple University.    In 2003 Sloane would begin to pursue her own Olympic dream and find that it was nearly impossible to have a career and train full time.  And without working full time there was major problem of funding training, travel competition and equipment expenses. 
Out of her own need she realized there were many other athletes with the desire to compete, but  also needed financial help to do so.   In December 2003,  Sloane  created  HOPEFULS USA, a non profit (501 C-3) corporation founded Philadelphia, PA, and a year later because of her own training she would move her residence and business to Bedminster, PA.  It’s original mission was to provide funding and resources for training, travel and competitions for Olympic Hopefuls.  The mission expanded to encourage individuals of all ages and abilities to develop to their fullest athletic potential.  Athletes in all sports (traditional, adventure, extreme, etc..) were eligible to participate, succeed and excel; youth, novice, competitive, Paralympic and Olympic hopefuls.

2003 -2008 – Founder

  • Recruiting

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing and promotion

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