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Chef d'Equipe:
Maccabi Equestrian

In 2013 I served as the Equestrian Chair, and Chef d’Equipe (Team Manager) for the first USA participation of equestrian sports at the 19th Maccabiah in Israel.
I was responsible for the recruitment of dressage and show jumping riders, coaches and sponsors.  In addition I participated on the rules committee for international competition hosted by the Israel Equestrian Federation.  



The Israel photos are from this event.  Planes, trains, and automobiles, this was the “21 Day Wandering Jew Tour” and we became the team that learned to “Love Long Bus Rides”


Dress Riders: June Brody, Rebecca Brown, Wendi Garfinkel, Carly Goldstein

Show Jumpers: Charlotte Gersteinfield, Corinne Goldman, Rebecca Weissbard, Alexa Perkiel


Team Staff. Neal Shapiro, Becky Brown, Sloane Milstein

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