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Able Active Adaptive,
Disability Conference

1000+ Attendees


The mission of this conference is to promote the inclusion of, and support for, individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities and disorders through activities and academia that aims to enhance their capabilities. This student-led conference provides academic and practical presentations, exhibits, and experiences that meet the interests and needs of individuals and groups with physical disabilities, or intellectual disabilities.

The 2019 conference is dedicated to educating the community about adaptive processes, activities, products, services, and organizations for a healthy lifestyle and optimal quality of life. Participants will be able to gain: Hands on experiences through interactive sessions and sport activities. Hear from keynote speakers: Beth Fox is currently providing independent consulting services through Disabled Sports USA, Professional Ski Instructors of America, and the National Sports Center for the Disabled helping ski, sport, and professional communities recognize and understand adaptive practices for skiing. She has created and implemented many education and training programs for ski institutions across the country. A passion of Beth’ is getting to work with people and educate them on disabilities impacting people’s lives. Anthony Ianni is an award-winning speaker and is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the country. He became the first known athlete with autism to play Division One basketball. Anthony played for Michigan State University and was a part the team that won two Big Ten Championships and a Big Ten Tournament title. In 2010, he was also a part of the MSU’s Final Four team. Anthony is an inspiration to everyone within the autism community. Participate in our exhibitor fair to find services, volunteer and internship opportunities.

"My project for the class was the beep baseball session for the Able,Active,Adaptive Conference. This was the first class I've ever had without essays, quizzes, and exams, yet it pushes us to shape the project on time by actually go out and talk to the real world. The best memory I had with the class was when seeing the coach that I discussed with demonstrating the adaptive sport that I pitched a semester ago happening right in front of my eyes."

Peter Lin

Texas A&M Student

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